Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Tools of The Trade

Aside from skill, the next important thing any budding or seasoned cook needs are the tools of the trade. The very basic cookware and utensils that can either make or break the most well planned meal. Knowing this I set out to get a few things that will make my journey into cooking up special meals easier and fun!

In the past few weeks I have been getting the cooking tools I need together, to make a variety of dishes. My most recent acquisition.......A large wok, a small 4 piece cookware set, and some basic ingredients necessary for Asian cooking. I purchased the wok and cookware set at an amazing price at Ikea. They just have the most useful, durable, stylish things there. I must say I am officially a FAN. I have not had a chance to visit my local Asian market, so I just made a trip to the supermarket and checked out the small general Asian section. I found a few good things there, like plum, oyster, duck, soy, peanut and hoisin sauce.The other things I found in the fresh veggi section, like ginger, baby corn, baby peas,and bean sprouts.

with all my ingredients in tow, along with lucking upon some wok oil at pathmark, I'm in business and ready to cook!

So tell me.......what are your favorite "tools of the trade"?

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