Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Story With a Side of Macaroni Salad

Tale of two roni's...........

On the warmest day in April of last year, while getting ready for the first impromptu BBQ of the season, I found myself in my local supermarket looking for a container of macaroni salad. Smacked by sticker shock, I turned the other cheek and thought to myself ..."is that it? this small container....is HOW MUCH??!!" I quickly recovered and marched right out of the deli isle and headed off to buy some ingredients....because I knew that I could do better...and even if I failed, it could be no worse than the bland stuff they sell in the tub.

With my mothers famous potato salad recipe in mind, I hit the kitchen to see what I could accomplish. The result was something tasty and fun to make. The next day at the bbq, when it came time to take the mac salad out of the cooler, to my horror water had seeped into the container!!! I cried like a baby, I was so proud of that salad!! Sadness washed over me just like it did to my dish. My sister and boyfriend were the first to eat the half ruined salad. They were surprised that it still managed to taste good dispite the quick rinse...lol

I vowed to re-do the salad at our next cook-out, and it's been a highly requested favorite ever since!

I made this post especially for my sister who has been bugging me for the recipe.
As a teaser I'm only going to post the pictures......good luck in figuring it out girl, I left 2 ingredients out just for you! LOL

Just a side note...you can change it up by using different kinds of noodles.

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