Saturday, August 7, 2010

Back in The Saddle Again!

Sorry for the long hiatus folks, It's been crazy in the Cookin'Mama household for many weeks! Maintaining a household, running two totally separate businesses and chasing a baby around is omega work! So showing of my cooking prowess (or lack there of sometimes) had taken a wayyy back seat. Add to the fact that it took the movers FOREVER to deliver my kitchen, and you see where cooking get slowed down tremendously! For weeks I had to make due with just 2 or 3 pots to cook in. I have been in culinary hell I tell you! No Wolfgang Puck in sight, I made due with whatever we managed to find at the supermarket.

Long story short is...I'm back and I hope you are as well!

From My Kitchen to Yours.....Let's get cooking...(again)!

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  1. Thanks for coming to visit me over at Delicious as Pie! Can't wait to read more about your culinary adventures!

    Kate (


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