Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Tools of The Trade 2

Have you seen a super happy cook lately?? Well.....LOOK NO FURTHER!!!! I received my WP (Wolfgang Puck) cooking gear this week! It's everything I thought it would be!!

Tools tools, tools.....How I love thee. The second best thing about cooking is using some kick ass cookware to create...or attempt to create amazing tasty dishes! The worst thing is not having the right tools for the job. I saw this set of pots, knives and a blender that I just HAD to have! I fell in love with them right away and know that I can kick out some tasty eats with them in tow.

I just opened the huge box of pots so I didn't get a chance to set everything up, but I took pictures of my favorite pieces. Every time I make something with a WP piece, I'll make sure to showcase the cookware as well.

I grated some cheese!

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