Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Cooking Gods Smile Again

After a most unfortunate accident I am fully back and ready to COOK!料理を作ろう!

So I guess it's catch up time....I don't really know where to begin...... One thing I did want to post about was my son's birthday cake.

Ryan requested a snow themed cake. I wasn't too sure what to make him so I improvised and did my best. I ended up making a white cake that had a pecan/cream filling, along with a whipped cream icing. Despite my best efforts, it is very hard to work with whipped cream....I tried putting in stabilizers after the peaks formed, but it was still a tad thin for me. It also turns out that I didn't make enough icing (or the cake layers were too big) so i just iced the sides thin, and covered them with coconut flakes. Dad made the design on the cake. I asked him to put something "Michael Jackson-ish" on it because Ryan really loves his songs now. So...here it is...it looked ok, but tasted wayyy better than it looked. Not too sweet, fluffy cake with a awesome filling everyone enjoyed. To be honest I thought thia cake was going to bomb out, and I was all ready to run to the store and buy something....but "everything turned out ok!"-cloudy with a chance of meatballs

I should have taken more & better pictures of the cake...But I was hosting the party.

This is a picture of the filling being put on (pecan &cream)

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